About Dr. Peck

I am Mischa Cohen Peck.  Historically I was named Michael David Peck  Yes, I am a transgender woman.  As you can imagine, my personal journey has taught me much about resilience–just think about the many life changes in this process.

For more than 40 years, I lived my life as a male-identified.  I experienced life and studied academically much about men and masculinity–including trying and trying and trying to figure out where I fit.  Through this path, I found myself: I am Mischa.

Please know that I am listed in various places by my previous name.  In time, more and more of those places will be updated with my current name.

...as a counselor and therapist

Clients have described Dr. Peck with words such as approachable, caring, empathic, nonjudgmental, and professional.  The key to successful therapy is the client-therapist relationship, and Dr. Peck has been described as someone to whom “I can tell anything.”

Effective counseling also requires specialized clinical skills and knowledge tailored to an individual’s needs.  With each client, Dr. Peck engages actively in the clinical process to best learn and understand who you are.  She works together with clients to ascertain goals and development effective plans to accomplish these.

Dr. Peck is licensed in the state of Arizona as a clinical social worker.  Her license is LCSW-12742. For more information on Dr. Peck’s credentials, training, and experience, download her curriculum vitae.

...as an expert

To become an expert counselor and therapist, Dr. Peck completed an MSW at the University of Southern California, an MA at Hebrew Union College, and a PhD in Social Welfare (that’s like a doctorate in social work) at the University of Washington.  She served on faculty at San José State and Arizona State Universities, where she taught undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of subjects including clinical practice, human development, and diversity.  She has received and completed numerous research grants, published in academic journals and lectured at many professional conferences.

Dr. Peck is a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, and serves on the Boards of Trans Spectrum of AZ, and The EMDR International Association.  In addition, across the country she mentors, teaches, and lectures.

All of her life, Dr. Peck has had a strong sense of social justice about which she has ‘Acted Up’ as an educator and grassroots organizer.  She continues to do volunteer work, remains active in social change, and enjoys diverse cultural and community events.

For more information on Dr. Peck’s credentials, training, and experience, download his curriculum vitae.