Areas of Practice

For more than 25 years, Dr. Peck has used her clinical and counseling expertise to assist people with general mental health and well-being issues. Additionally, her specialized knowledge and skills have helped people struggling with the specific issues noted below.

Gender & Sexual Identity

queer-identified womanMore than 30 years ago, Dr. Peck became an avid activist and scholar working with the sexual and gender minority communities. Her involvements have included grassroots activism, community organizing, public health and HIV education, and counseling and therapy. As an academic, she has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses about the LGBTQ community and clinical work with LGBTQ persons.

As a clinician, Dr. Peck works with those experiencing life challenges and transitions related to sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender orientation. She is networked with community resources and remains a leader in working with LGBTQ persons.

For those with gender dysphoria and preparing for transition-related medical procedures, Dr. Peck will work with you to move effectively through these processes.  Dr. Peck is networked with local trans* community services and health providers.


Two men holding handsHuman beings are social beings. Our lives include a multitude of relationships including those with friends and colleagues, parents and children, partners and spouses, and more. Without exception, relationships experience challenges.

Dr. Peck works with individuals and couples to help clients work through relationship challenges. For some, conflicts arise as relationships evolve into new stages, particularly as life situations change. Counseling helps many people adapt to issues associated with relationship growth and changes.


depressed-teenTrauma can devastate our lives. Traumatic reactions to recent events and from earlier life events can destroy our sense of well-being. Traditional counseling and psychotherapy and more recent clinical tools, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), promote recovery from immediate and lingering effects of trauma.

Dr. Peck is an EMDR trained therapist, and board member of the EMDR International Association.  She has many years of experience working with adult survivors of childhood trauma including abuse, molestation, clergy abuse, and bullying.

In addition, Dr. Peck has expertise for working with survivors of recent trauma. In just a few sessions, she has helped clients to reconcile and recover from intensely disturbing recent traumatic events.

Life Transitions & Aging

elderly latinoSince childhood, Dr. Peck possessed immense curiosity about successful aging. In her life, she observed how some older adults seemed happy and content with life while others struggled with frustration and resentment. Such observations and curiosity led to personal and scholarly research into aging and well-being, including writing a dissertation and multiple articles about such issues.

Dr. Peck teaches and lectures about aging and gerontology. Her expertise extends from public policy issues to age-related challenges for individuals and their caregivers. Dr. Peck has helped many clients adjust to aging-related life transitions and changes; in fact, his eldest client was 109-years-old!

Addictions & Compulsions

silhouette of a depressed manAddictions and compulsive behavior range from the use of illicit substances and legal drugs to food, sex, and more. Often these are a symptom of underlying unresolved issues.

Dr. Peck possesses significant clinical expertise for helping people reduce and, if desired, eliminate addictive and compulsive behaviors and their underlying issues. She is trained in the use of EMDR therapy tools to help clients end addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Depression, Well Being & Happiness

In the general adult population, one percent (1 in 100) suffer from clinical depression.  Among those aged 65 years and older, two percent (1 in 50) suffer from clinical depression.  Utilizing research-informed counseling techniques, Dr. Peck will help you manage your symptoms, reduce, and eliminate depressive symptoms.

Whether dealing with depression or just feeling not-as-good as you would like to be, we will increase your life satisfaction.  Contemporary research has informed greatly clinical methods to improve well-being and happiness.

Anxiety & Panic

Our minds are complex.  Life gives us an incredible amount of mental data to process.  Anxiety is a normal outcome, and for some anxiety becomes debilitating and may include panic attacks.  With effective and efficient interventions, we will work together to reduce and eliminate issues of anxiety and panic.